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VOX V847 and Dunlop Cry Baby Mod Service!


We can modify the following pedals:

Vox V847 (Made in the USA Vox) V847-A (New Standard Vox) V845 V848 (Clyde McCoy)

Dunlop- GCB-95 (Standard Cry Baby) Hendrix JH1 or JH1-B Zakk Wylde Jerry Cantrell

*Sorry, we do not mod the 535Q, GCB95F (Crybaby Classic), Dimebag Darrell Crybaby From Hell, Slash Wah, Hendrix Fuzz Wah, Mr. Crybaby Vol./Wah, Rackmount Crybaby (DCR-2SR), or 95Q ("switchless" Crybaby) Wah pedals.

We can perform the following mods:

True Bypass

Wah pedals are notorious "tone suckers." When your wah is not on but still plugged into your amp or pedal chain, your guitar's signal still has to pass through the circuitry of the wah.This robs tone quality...especially the high frequency range. True bypass eliminates tone sucking!

We replace your old footswitch with a 3PDT.This allows us to rewire your wah in a way that allows the sound to travel around the circuitry. Your guitar's signal will now go into the input of your wah and straight out the output jack to your amp, or next effect pedal.

Sweep Mod Improves the EQ of the sweep. Makes it sound less less thin and "trebly."

Vocal Mod Adds more vocal quality, makes it sound more like it wants to talk.

Volume Boost Mod Did you ever notice your volume level drops slightly when you swich to the wah effect?

Not anymore! This mod brings up the volume level of the wah effect to match the same sound level as your clean sound.

Gain and Bass Response Mod Adds a little gain and bass, gives it a little growl.

Midrange Mod Increase the mids and helps smooth out the response between bass and treble.

Volume Pedal Mod We have replaced our toggle switch with a soft touch push button switch. You push the button to use your wah a s a volume pedal, push it again to go back to wah. Use your finger, or the side of your foot if you like. You can control volume while keeping your hands free!

LED Mod Is this thing on? We can add an ultra clear/blue Led to your wah.

You can get "The Works" for $88. That's true bypass, five circuit mods, volume pedal mod, and an added LED! $12 covers the return shipping and handling if you live in the USA.

*If you want to replace your inductor or your potentiometer:

If you are getting "The Works" we will replace these items for you at no extra charge. This means free labor, not free parts. You can send the parts with your pedal, or just ask ahead of time if you would like for us to order these parts for you.

We can also drill a half inch hole and install a standard 9 volt power jack in your USA made V847 or old model Cry Baby for an additional $10.

We also sell these pedals- refurbished and already modified! Contact:

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